The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where We Are Today.

I am currently sitting in Panera, in the most obscure corner I can find. I was so excited to have a few moments to myself (thanks to my mother-in-law and brother-in-law, Adam) and now I sit here missing the busy-ness that Colt brings. The past few weeks have been long and hard. It is officially summer in our business and Ryan works every single day, often late into the evenings or night. I know it comes with the territory, but it is still hard. Colt cries for his daddy and I know Ryan desperately misses Colt too. It's at times like these I feel like a single parent. (You guys are amazing, by the way.) Whew, I am tired. It is hard for me to NOT feel guilty about not doing anything for a bit, but I keep trying to tell myself I deserve it. We all do. 

I have been wanting to post about Colt and update on all of his little victories and setbacks too, but I am not sure I am up to that from my smartphone. ;) 

I can say this, he can be very difficult but that little boy is pure magic. He laughs constantly, he smiles at everyone, he introduces himself and shakes hands, he says "yes, ma'am" "no, thank you" etc. without prompting, he loves his mommy, daddy, grandparents, and family with no limits, and he sings, HE SINGS!! The kid that may never talk, now SINGS. He loves music, loves sports, loves being outside, and loves to swing.  His personality is starting to show and he has gotten to be very funny.  I think that because he doesn't have to think quite as hard when he is talking, he is able to be more expressive in his words and tone.  His face has ALWAYS been very expressive, but to hear it in his voice is like hearing music for the first time.  He still stumbles over his words a lot, but that is getting better every day. 

Now, he still isn't potty-trained but we are still getting there. He does great everywhere but home. Maybe he gets comfortable or lazy there? He also behaves better in public than at home. We are often going somewhere for that reason.  Colt is having a hard time with a bit of a "bullying" situation at school, but I am hoping it has been taken care of. I will find out for sure, you better believe that.
We recently went to my allergy and asthma doctor to see why Colt gets bronchitis so often. He is sure Colt has asthma and wanted to run a test, but we aren't going to do it because our insurance sucks and it won't change anything. There isn't a way to prevent it from turning to bronchitis, so nothing will change, we just treat it.  I was pretty disappointed with that.  We pretty much knew it was asthma, I was just hoping we could find something to prevent it from turning into bronchitis so often.  

Other than that, things around our house are pretty much the same as always.   I will end this post with some of my most favorite pictures from the last few weeks or so. Sorry for the photo overload. :)