The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

White Boys Can't Jump

It's been over a month since I last posted. Life is pretty good these days. 

The best thing so far to happen lately... We sold our house!  We sold it to a nice family with a three year old little girl.  They got transferred here from Albertsville, Alabama and they are super nice.  They are truly an answer to our prayers.  I hope they love that house as much as we did. 

Colt is doing pretty well these days.  For a few weeks, we had some serious behavioral issues, but the last 4-5 days have been much better.  I am hoping it was a phase and we're through it.  At least until the next phase.  ;)  I am learning that's what childhood is - a bunch of different phases.  Some good, some bad. 

Colt can pretty much say anything these days, but it's still hard to decipher sometimes.  He leaves off the first letter of many words, and sometimes says the wrong sound for a letter.  D's are often G's, for example "Gaddy" for "daddy" and the L sound for W - "lotter" instead of "water" and so on.  Still.  It's a beautiful sound, no matter what.  

I think I have mentioned before that Colt has begun to sing.  It's my favorite thing in the entire world, right now.  He LOVES the radio and knows just about every single song they play, on any station.  He is his mother's child, for sure.  :) 

Developmentally, he has made amazing progress.  He is SO close to being right where he should be, in my opinion.  Most people probably don't even notice anything is different about him.  The only time you really notice is when he is surrounded by other children his age, like at a playground.  Yesterday we went to a trampoline park here in Chattanooga called the Jump Park.  It is a really awesome place.  Colt and I both had a great time and left dripping sweat.  I can't wait to go back.  However, being there made it very obvious that Colt is different.  There was a bit of a problem on the trampolines...  Colt can't jump.  He doesn't know how.  He tries but his feet never, ever leave the ground.  I held his hands to see if that would help, but he just bends his knees.  I did a lot of jumping to bounce Colt, hoping that would kind of "stimulate" the jump in him.  Hm.  He had physical therapy for a while and they taught him how to climb steps, but still no jumping.  The only thing I really know to do about that is to keep going to the Jump Park.  It can be our own version of physical therapy and a great workout for Mommy.  Plus, it's crazy fun.  :)

Lately, Colt seems really bothered by his glasses.  It started with him saying he couldn't see with them on.  I wondered if his prescription was changing.  That has happened before, his prescription changed very rapidly with his first set of glasses and he needed new lenses after a couple of months.  That scares me a lot.  I wondered if that was what the problem was.  I didn't ask him about it to see if he'd let it go.  He did.  The other night, totally unprovoked, he said "Logan and Will don't wear glasses."  Those are neighborhood/church friends of his.  I replied, "No, they don't.  But Mommy and Daddy wear glasses.  So does Libby.  It's okay to be different from your friends."  He let it go.  Yesterday, we were driving home from lunch and he said, "I can't wear glasses when I play football."  Just pulled it out of the air.  He's obviously thinking about it a lot.  It makes me wonder if someone is saying something to him about him being different or if he's just noticing that he's different.  I continue to stress that it's a good thing to be different and that it makes him special.  Colt and I watch the Braves just about every night.  He knows every player on the team and what position they play.  I told him to think about Freddie Freeman.  He wears glasses when he plays baseball!  He kind of smiled at that.  Last night, I looked up a bunch of different athletes that play sports with glasses.  I think I might try to make him a book of sorts with pictures and stories of athletes with glasses.  Maybe I can find a book about kids with glasses too.  Here are some of the pictures I found:

B.J. Upton
Freddie Freeman (my personal favorite)

Landon Ard

Reggie Jackson

Brian McCann (Colt loves catchers! I miss B-Mac but love Gattis.)

Does anyone have any other suggestions?  I am open to anything.  I don't want him to be ashamed of them or embarrassed.  Thanks in advance. 

Here's my little white boy...not jumping.  ;)