The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Getting My Butt Kicked

Do you ever have those times in your life when you feel like just one more thing is going to make you lose your mind?  I am at that point, or pretty darn close.  It's a bunch of little things and a few not-so-little things, but they are piling up quickly and my burden is heavy. 

First of all, my windshield in my car is STILL busted, three months after it happened.  Not serious, but a couple hundred dollars to fix.  Also, my air conditioner in my car is broken.  A FEW hundred dollars to fix that.  It wasn't a big deal in the winter (haha) but it's getting hot.  On top of that, Colt has bronchitis (again) and when it's hot, he coughs to the point of puking.  I hate to make him ride in my hot car because it makes him cough.  Bah. 

Two days ago, we were outside in the yard and kept hearing a weird noise that sounded like someone was trying to start a car and it wasn't starting.  Turns out, it was the air conditioner in our house.  So now it's broken too.  It was 77 degrees in my house when I got up this morning.  Again, not good for the coughing/puking/bronchitisy mess.  Dad came over the night we discovered it and helped Ryan take apart the air conditioning unit.  They think it is just some kind of motor but who really knows.  Also, who knows when it will get fixed.  The motor has been taken out and has been sitting at the ice company waiting to be replaced since it happened.  For now, it's hot at home but it's supposed to cool off soon.  At least for a few days. 

AND THEN.  Sigh...  You know we have the house that will not sell, so we have two mortgages.  It's getting desperate around our house.  Apparently, State Farm will not insure a house that is vacant.  I had no idea.  We got a nice little note in the mail the other day with a (very small) check for our monthly homeowners insurance stating they were canceling our policy on the house that is for sale.  To insure a vacant house is OUTRAGEOUS. 

Our new insurance makes us pay out the rear to even go to the doctor.  The day we went to the eye doctor and got Colt's new glasses it was easily $350 out of our pocket.  To go to the doctor last week, it was $100 out of our pocket for them to tell me he had "the same cold that all of Chattanooga has" even though I knew it wasn't that.  Now (after he has suffered another week!) he's got bronchitis and I spent right under  $100 to get more medicine. 

I am absolutely frustrated and getting desperate.  I feel like I am being punished for something and I cannot figure out for the life of me what it could be.  Why does there never seem to be a break?  

I just needed to whine a bit.  Yes, it's all little things.  Yes, we are all healthy (for the most part) and doing alright.  We have a home and jobs and families and friends, but you know, sometimes life really kicks your butt.  If you are going to make snarky comments, please refrain.  I really might lose it on you. 


  1. Keep your head up. When it rains, it pours sometimes. However things generally work out for the best. I've been going through some stuff that has been a headache, (well neck ache). I've kept my head up and focused on the tasks at hand. (Yah, I know pretty generic comments). Just keep your head up pal, you are doing well!!!

    1. Sometimes the generic comments are true, though, Tap! Thanks!