The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Surgery Ahead

Yesterday, Ryan took a vacation day and we took Colt to his eye doctor here in Chattanooga, Dr. Peterson, to discuss what happened in Akron and plan our next step for Colt’s eyes.  Again, we got a little nervous to talk to him about what another doctor said, but he took it well.  He actually thanked us for being willing to do anything and everything to help Colt.  He said “You have no idea how hard it is for me to get parents to take their children across the street to get glasses, much less put them on a plane to fly to Ohio.  And the glasses are free!”  That made me so thankful to have him as a doctor.  He understands that nothing will stop us from getting this fixed and wants to be a part of it. 

So, he will do Colt’s third surgery this Friday.  It usually takes us a couple of weeks to get a surgery scheduled, but he seems to feel our desperation and worked us in!  The last surgery was only on his right eye, but this one will be both eyes like the first surgery.  This surgery will be different in that he will be moving the muscles on the outsides of his eyes instead of the insides like the two previous times.  He seems pretty confident there will be a fourth surgery, but I pray to God that this will be it.  I said before that we are getting to be pros at this surgery/recovery thing, but honestly, it is getting harder for me each time.  Granted, now I know what to expect when we go to the hospital and what recovery will be like, but the older Colt gets, I know he is more aware of what is going on.  The first surgery, he didn’t cry when they took him away from us.  The second time, even with his “relaxation concoction,” he cried.  This time, he is bigger and stronger and much more aware of Mommy and Daddy and I hate to think about what he feels when they carry him down that hallway.  Does he wonder why we are letting this happen?  I can’t stand the thought of that.  Sad face.  Please keep him (and us!) in your prayers this week.  I know you all are, we have felt them, especially on surgery days and during our trip to Akron.

We also got a call from the Pediatric Neurology Development Specialist yesterday.  We have an appointment in March.  That is great, because we were preparing for June! 

I may have mentioned before that Ryan and his best friend, Jody, have decided they are going to build Colt his own little playground in the backyard for his second birthday at the end of October.  Well, they started building it this weekend and I am stoked.  I was pretty skeptical at first, but now I see they are serious.  Jody’s wife (and my dear friend!) Lauren and I were pretty sure the playground wouldn’t be finished by Colt’s birthday, but seeing what they have done in the past two days, I now believe they might make it.  It will be complete with two levels, a swing, a slide, and a sandbox!  It will also be take-apart-able so we can take it if we move!  J  I will be sure and post about the finished product!

Here is the beginning of the bottom platform

I am more excited about this playground after we took Colt to the playground/park not far from our house twice this weekend.   He climbed, he slid, he swung (?), he played in the dirt and he loved it!  I may never be able to get him off of the one in the backyard when it is built! 
This kid loves to swing!

He also loves tunnels!  We need to have one at home!
I guess that’s all for now.  I’ll probably update after Colt’s surgery sometime Friday.  Thanks in advance for your prayers! 
Colt models my Oakleys.  He has the pouty-mouth-model-face down.

I'll leave you with a different side of our beautiful city, Chattanooga. :)

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