The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One More Week until Akron!

Well, we are one week out from our trip up to Akron to see Dr. Hertle.  I have never been more anxious about anything in my life, I am sure.  I keep having nightmares and waking up with my jaws tight and sore, and headaches, maybe I'm grinding my teeth in my sleep? Blah.  I am terrified of traveling with Colt on the plane.  What if it hurts his ears or he cries the whole time?  What if he wants to run up and down the aisle and fights us the whole time?  We are flying out of Nashville and on the way there, we have a 2 1/2 hour layover in Charlotte.  On the way back, our layover is in Atlanta and is 3 hours!  Then we fly OVER Chattanooga to Nashville, then get in the car and drive two hours back to Chattanooga.  I am NOT EXCITED.  I am, however, thankful that we have this opportunity to see this doctor and keep trying to tell myself that it worked out so easily because this is what God has planned for Colt.  If this is in His plan, He will work it out.  I need to give it up and quit worrying so dang much. 

Today, I reserved us a rental car and carseat and Mapquested (yes, I used that as a verb!) our route from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the hospital, and back.  I printed off our flight iteneraries and hotel information, and made a list of all of their phone numbers, in case we get lost.  I ordered some "number beads" to make a bracelet for Colt to wear with my cell phone number on it, in case we get separated in some freak incident.  I am the queen of non-planning, but I have to say, I think I've got us covered with this one.  Again, it's got to be a God thing.  ;)  I know He's got our back. 

I also found out today that Ryan's brother, Ronnie, is going to go with us on our trip.  I thought we would be okay, but now that I know he's going too, I feel quite a bit better.  That's one more person to help entertain him and hold him and carry him during these three days.  He is taking it upon himself to pay his own way with his teacher salary and help us.  Ronnie, if you read this, I am enternally grateful and relieved to know we will have one more set of hands to help, especially the hands of someone who loves Colt so much. 

In other news, there isn't new much going on in the Doolittle family.  My stepdad only has one more chemo treatment left and it is the day we leave for Akron.  I am excited for him, and pray his next scan is clear.  If it is, he doesn't have to have radiation.  That would be great, seeing as he would have it five days a week for six weeks, and his doctor is at least 45 minutes away (on a good traffic day)! 

I did a little bit of crafting last week and made a new fall wreath for my front door.  It was really simple, just took a grapevine wreath, some fall leaves,hot glue, and some raffia.  I intended to use a wooden "D" on it too, but after the last one, I decided against it.  The hot glue is just not enough, I ended up having to tie it on with some twine and it wasn't the look I wanted.  So I skipped the "D" this time. 

This weekend, we ventured out to Walmart (I usually try to avoid that place like the plague) and dug around in the $5 movie bin.  We got "Bee Movie," "Horton Hears A Who," and "All Dogs Go To Heaven 1 & 2."  We haven't made it to the last three because Colt can't get past "Bee Movie."  He LOVES it!!  We have watched it all the way through six times since Friday.  I have never seen him sit still so long!  It is my new go-to movie while I cook dinner.  I don't feel so badly about putting him in front of the t.v. if it is to cook him a good meal...makes sense, right?  ;)  I also found one of those DIY Fringe blankets at Hobby Lobby recently with the Cars characters (another of his favorites!) on it.  I have seen it before and carried it around, then decided I shouldn't spend the money.  I finally gave in when I saw it on sale and I am glad I did.  I spent his naptime one day cutting and tying, washed it and gave it to him that evening.  I swear, you would have thought Lightning McQueen himself was in our house!  He LOVED it!  I'm so glad! 
Colt with his new Cars blanket, his little Cars car in his hand, watching Cars on t.v.  ;)
So.  That's it for now, I suppose.  I'll update when I can after Akron, or maybe before if anything exciting happens.  I hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Jess, I am always willing to help anyway you guys need. I wish I could do more and hope I can help make this as smooth an experience for everyone as possible. Besides I really miss you all so much and want to help!!!

  2. Jess -- you will all be in our prayers and hopefully -- this too shall pass and you will be comforted with all the results -- Love to all of you -- and love your new pics -- Colt is such a cutie!!

  3. Thanks to both of you!! Love you both!