The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surgery Day Recap.

Well as you all know, Colt had his third eye surgery on Friday morning.  This time, Dr. Peterson was trying something new and we were more nervous than ever.  We have all of the hospital procedures down pat, but the actual surgery and outcome still make us very anxious.  We got to the hospital at 6:30 and they took us upstairs to our floor almost immediately.  They checked us in and checked all of Colt's vitals and weight and asked us the same 42 questions they do every time.  They put us in an actual room, which I love.  We can have some quiet time together while we wait and that is nice.  There is a t.v. so Colt can watch cartoons if he gets rowdy.  About 8:00, they came in and gave him something that I can't remember the name of, but it is to help him relax and not be upset when they take him away.  I think Mommy and Daddy need some too, but they never offer. ;)  Around 8:10, they came to get us and lead us upstairs to the surgery floor.  We waited in the pre-op room for about 45 minutes, usually it is about 10.  I'm not sure what was taking so long, but it gave us plenty of time to see Colt get "drunk" off the meds.  He was so silly for a while, and INSISTED on standing up in the bed.  The bed on wheels, might I add.  Whew.  Ryan and I got a workout trying to get him INSIDE the railings, rather than falling over.  Ha.  Like I said, usually they take him sooner, so this time we got to see the full effect of the medicine.  He got super mean.  I mean hitting and shoving us.  It was kind of scary to see him that way.  That was very uncharacteristic of him and it breaks my heart to think we have to submit him to that kind of feeling. 
The nurse gave Drunk Colt a doctor's hat.  Dr. Doolittle!

Anyway, around 9:00, they came to take him away to surgery.  Dr. Peterson came in after surgery to talk to us around 10:00.  He was very pleased with the way everything looked and was much more optimistic than the last time.  I'll explain what he did the way he explained it.  First, he said that when you put people to sleep (anyone, not just people with strabismus), their eyes "float" around because their brain no longer controls their eyes when they are asleep.  Colt's eyes didn't float, they immediately pulled to the outsides and stayed there.  This proves that part of the problem is that his outside eye muscles are too tight.  So, Dr. Peterson cuts them off the eye and moves them closer to the back of Colt's eyes, to loosen them up.  He realigned Colt's eyes again and stitched the muscles back on the eyes.  Now, Colt's eyes were perfectly lined up and still didn't float because of the tight muscles.  That's okay though, the floating is not really important.  Once he had them where he wanted them and sewed up, he took both of Colt's eyes, pulled them so that the eyes "looked out" and they pulled themselves back straight!  Then he pulled them in, so they were both looking at the bridge of his nose (crossed) and they popped back straight again!  That was what he wanted.  This basically makes it harder for his brain to try to pull them the wrong way.  Even if Colt's brain doesn't control them like it should, they should stay straight.  SHOULD. 

Waking up from this surgery was the hardest time we have had yet.  He was ill and rightfully so.  They put braces on his arms after the surgeries to keep him from being able to bend his arms at the elbows, which makes it impossible to rub his eyes.  He HATES that.  I imagine it is hard to get comfortable with those on your arms.  He usually cries a second, then when he realizes Ryan and I are in recovery, he is easily comforted.  Not this time.  He cried the whole time we were in there, then cried all the way back up to our room.  Once we got in the quiet of our room (and we took the arm braces off!), he finally calmed down and fell asleep on my chest for 2 hours!  When he woke up, he was in a much better mood. 
Sleepy baby

Now.  After the first surgery, Colt's eyes were straight for 2 weeks.  After the second surgery, it was 2 days.  :/  This time, we are on Day 4 and they are still pretty straight.  I am hopeful, but also want to be prepared, just in case it doesn't stick.  The hardest part now is the recovery.  The stitches bother him and he tries to rub his eyes, so that is almost a constant fight, holding his arms down.  We are alternating Tylenol and Motrin to try to keep the discomfort down.  Also, once a day, we have to squeeze a little tube of antibiotic ointment into his eyes.  That is a NIGHTMARE.  It takes both of us to hold him down and really, we could use more help.  We do it before bed, so he can just keep his eyes closed, but he cries hysterically afterward.  I imagine it burns a bit, and it makes it impossible to see.  I do the squeezing, Ryan does the holding and we are all three on the verge of tears by the time it's over.  We only have 4 more nights to do it, thank goodness.  Other than that, Colt is his normal self and plays like always. 

We were supposed to see the other doctor in Dr. Peterson's office for his follow-up.  That is who we usually see, just to make sure the retinas and nerves were not damaged in surgery, but this time Dr. Peterson wants to see him.  We had an appointment for Friday with Dr. McCarty, but now I am not sure when we'll see our doctor.  I imagine next week sometime. 

I just wanted to update and say thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.  We are so blessed!  Also, below I am posting a picture of Colt's eyes, where his eyes are not lined up well, then an after surgery pic!

Before surgery #3
After surgery #3.  Still a little swollen and pink, but straight. :)

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