The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Answered Prayers.

We have had quite a few prayers answered recently that I am excited to share!

I have mentioned before that Colt is finally starting to talk!  He is saying (or at least attempting to say) so many words I have lost count!  One of his favorites is lawnmower.  Ha!  I mean, when this kid tries, he tries 150%!  He can say just about anyone's name.  He still will not say his own name or even try to say it.  Some of his new words include: outside, Arby's, gosh (not my favorite), pool, Roxie, shoes, dogs, more (probably my favorite, it is so cute!), please, cheese, doctor, eye doctor (specific!), and on and on.  I am so proud!!  His little voice is so cute!  He still signs a lot and sometimes signs and says a word at the same time.  I love that.  He has started to sign "thank you!" without being asked and at appropriate times.  This boy has manners.  ;)  Anyway, this is a HUGE answer to prayers!!!

Also, we've been praying to sell our house for months.  Well, we haven't exactly sold it, but we have accepted an offer to "lease to own."  It is NOT what I wanted to do at all, but I am super excited to not have to pay that mortgage anymore!  We have a two year agreement with this couple and hope it works out so that they can buy it.  If not, we got a big enough deposit that it will be okay if they don't.  ;)  If they buy it, they get the deposit back to put towards the down payment on the purchase, if they don't buy it, we get to keep it.  They are a retired couple from Michigan and seem to be excited to be here living in the house.  I know they will take good care of it.  Either way, with the bills we continue to get from all of Colt's medical testing, we are thrilled to not have to make that payment anymore. :)

Speaking of, we are 10 days shy of our one month mark with the geneticist.  I am hoping the results come back a bit early, but if not, we will continue to wait.  So, that's where we stand these days.  I hope this blog finds you happy and healthy.  Thank you for sending up prayers for us!  They work!!  :)

 Just a swingin'
 Friday night date with Mommy!
 Sunset from Pawpaw's farm.
Colt seems thrilled with our date. 

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