The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I haven't posted a positive post in a while and wanted to catch you guys up on the new and exciting things that we are hearing from Colt. 

He still isn't saying words together yet, however, he is saying MANY new words!  Granted, they might not sound like much to anyone but us, but we are counting them as words!  Colt can say almost anyone in his family's name, especially the simpler ones.  He says mama and dada (and sometimes mommy and daddy!), mimi, moomoo, nana, gaga, Amie, Tucker, pawpaw, gigi, papa, lo-lo (Lauren), o-dee (Jody), ee-ahh (Leah), booboo (this is both Daniel and Tanner) and he says eee! for his aunt Chelsea and babysitter Chelsey.  He surprised us the other day and said "more!" without being prompted.  He says peepee (yay!), boo boo, baby, bottle, bubble, "oool!" for school, eat (surprise!), and please/cheese (they are very similar!).  He says oon for moon, bye!, and makes all kinds of animal noises.  I feel like there are more, but now that I am trying to think of them, I am blanking out.  He will say the alphabet with help, and I videotaped him this morning on the way to school.  He does his best talking in the car. ;)  Oh!  This morning, I was putting him in the car and he pointed and said "BIBLE!" plain as day.  He was right, my Bible was in the floorboard.  (don't judge me!)

His little voice is the most beautiful music I have ever heard. 

I mentioned a while back that we had an Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy evaluation done.  Yesterday, I got his scores back.  He is 33 1/2 months old (specific, I know, but that is important here.)  For Occupational Therapy, he scored as a 27 month old should.  That is a little behind, but nothing terribly concerning. 

Now, Physical Therapy has two different sections - stationary age and locomotion age.  Stationary age is his ability to maintain his center of gravity/balance while stationary or not moving.  His locomotion age is the same, but while moving and doing things like climbing steps/walking/jumping and the like.  Now, for his stationary age, he scored 21 months.  that is about a year behind where he should be.  For his locomotion age, he scored 18 months.  He is over a year behind there.  So, obviously the problem is with his balance.  I think that totally makes sense seeing as for the first two years of his life, he couldn't see things the way they really were.  For many months, he had double vision even.  Cross your eyes and see how easy it is to walk up stairs.  Makes sense to me that he would be behind.  On top of that, he has chronic double ear infections which can also mess with your balance.  So.  That makes a lot of sense.  He has been prescribed Physical Therapy, but we must wait for the program to get a "Doctor's Orders" to make it official. 

Still no answers from the geneticist, but we are only a week out from the test and she said about a month.  I just wanted to share some of those things with you guys.  :)  I'll also share some pictures, you know I always do.  :) 

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