The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Not-So-New Adventure!

This weekend was a busy one!  On Saturday, we drove to Rome to see my mom and that side of my family to celebrate Mom's birthday.  We ate at Olive Garden and then went to see my mom's new house.  She is moving from Villa Rica to Rome and we're excited that she will be closer.  While we were there, Colt got some quality playtime in with his great-grandfather.  The house Mom bought has a playset in the backyard and we caught Colt and Papa playing on it.  I got a really cute picture or two of Papa coming down the slide.  ;)

Here Colt is saying "I catch you, Papa!"  I love this!

Look at Papa's face!  Hahahaha!  

Anyway, we had a great time.  Mom's birthday was actually Sunday and she shares it with my dad's sister, my aunt Diane.  We made it home from Rome in time to see her for a little bit at the farm.  Colt got to drive the tractor with my dad, so all was good in his world.  My dear friend and college roommate, Leah, came to visit this weekend too.  She got there Saturday evening, and left this morning.

I am always thankful to have her around, but yesterday I was especially thankful because she went to Colt's ophthalmologist appointment with us.  I knew I wouldn't be able to hold him down by myself, last time it took me and the nurse straddling him on the floor to get eye drops in his eyes!  This time was a good fight, but with me, Leah, and the nurse we didn't have to get in the floor.  Whew.  However, it did take two rounds of drops to get his eyes dilated.  Poor kid has really been through so much.  

The ophthalmologist appointment went pretty well, besides the fact that it was 2 1/2 hours long.  That was rough.  I had a few things to ask Dr. Peterson about and he patiently answered all my questions.  I have mentioned before that Colt does this strange head tilt thing when he's studying stuff up close, almost like he's looking OVER a pair of glasses that are not there.  He didn't do it for Dr. Peterson, but he did do it for the nurse when she handed him some pictures to study.  I was glad someone in the office saw it too.  He thinks this is from his Nystagmus.  His Nystagmus is very rarely visible anymore, but it never really goes away.  We only notice it when he's very tired or sick or has been crying.  He thinks Colt uses this head tilt kind of like a null point without it actually being his null point.  I wrote a bit about that after our last visit with Dr. Peterson here.  Anyway, he is indeed using it kind of like a null point, but he didn't seem concerned. 

I asked about Colt's eyes drifting sometimes, and he did see it happen, but he isn't at the point yet where we would consider another surgery.  He thinks the previous surgeries are going to stick. ;)   I asked about Colt's clumsiness.  I have been wondering if it's because of his less-than-stellar depth perception (common with his eye issues) or if he's just clumsy.  Dr. Peterson didn't really have an answer to that.  It could be associated with his eyes, but may not be.  If it is his depth perception, there isn't really anything you can do about it anyway, so I guess we just have lots of Band-Aids handy.  However, it could be because of his vision!  We always knew he was a bit far-sighted (meaning he sees far away better than up close, the opposite of me and Ryan!) but this time, Dr. Peterson could tell just how bad by looking into his eyes.  Colt also read an eye chart, but they use pictures instead of letters for small children.  The last time we were there, Colt signed the answers.  This time, he spoke them.  :)  Yes!  We have wondered about Colt's vision for a while.  He LOVES to put on my dad and stepmom's reading glasses, which are meant for far-sighted people to be able to read things up close.  You know the type.  He doesn't really do that with my or Ryan's glasses, but loves to do so with theirs.  Now I know it's because he can see with theirs and not ours!  His left and right eyes were quite a bit different in their prescription and that's kind of rare.  We ended up leaving with a prescription for glasses.  Again.  We immediately left and went to Pearle Vision to order glasses because sometimes they take a while to come in.  This will be Colt's third pair of glasses and the first two pairs were great, so we went with the same kind.  The second pair was really the same frames just different lenses because of his prescription changing very rapidly as a baby.  They are Miraflex brand and they are pretty much unbreakable.  Only a few places in Chattanooga have this type, so we went where we got them last time. Colt first got glasses at 8 months old and everywhere we went he got a lot of attention over them.  Maybe that's why he's such a ham these days.  ;)  The new glasses should be ready in about a week, but last time they came in much quicker.  I am anxious to see how it goes.  I got him to try on some other types of glasses, but he went back to these every time.  They are kind of "goggle-like" and have a strap on the back to keep them from falling off during play.  :)

Well, here's to another (sort of) new adventure!  I'll post some of my favorite pictures of Colt in his glasses below. 
Colt's very first day in glasses!

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