The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Friday, December 7, 2012

No paci, snot, and kindness.

A rare two days in a row blog post!  Whoa!

Just thought I would update on Day 2 of no pacifier for Colt.  Kim said he yelled for about 10 minutes at nap time yesterday, so I was kind of wondering what was going on.  Surely he wasn't giving in that easily!  I was anxious to put him to bed last night to see what would happen.  The first night, he started crying the second he saw that his pacis were not in the bed.  He has slept with 3 for as long as I can remember.  He has one for his mouth and one for each hand.  Anyway, when we put him to bed last night, he started looking for them, but didn't cry.  We got completely out of the room and sat for about 2 minutes, then he started yelling.  No tears this time, just angry.  I can handle angry, but tears are harder.  He yelled for about 8 minutes!  He gave up yelling and I watched him on the video monitor, rolling around trying to get comfortable but the fact that he was awake and not yelling felt like a huge victory.  He went to sleep soon after and slept all night.  No lie, that first day was almost unbearable, but the second was a breeze in comparison.  I want to celebrate, but have this horrible fear it's not over yet.  There is no way we are that lucky, right?  We shall see!  I was proud of him last night.  :) 

Like I said yesterday, I have been paranoid about all this flu business.  This is about to get a little gross, so feel free to stop reading this paragraph now.  ;)  Anyway, the past two mornings and evenings, Colt has had some really thick gross boogies.  I just knew he was getting sick.  The thing is, he has no fever and his nose isn't running.  When he "talks" he sounds kind of congested, but like it is way up in his sinuses, you know?  So the point of this is, can 2 year olds get sinus infections?  Does anyone know?  Our pediatrician told us a while back, that babies don't develop sinuses until they are older, but my allergist disagreed.  What can you do about thick yuckiness up in their sinuses?  He can't blow it out, and we're doing the saline/snot sucker combo with only a little luck.  Suggestions welcome. :)  Again, sorry for the grossness.

Moving on.  My high school football team is playing tonight in the final round of the state playoffs.  If they win tonight, they play for the state championship at the Georgia Dome.  They do have the home field advantage and huge community support.  I really hope they can pull it off.  This is the same team that was attacked by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for praying before games and feeding the team in churches in the community.  That whole mess lit a fire in this community and within that team.  Maybe God's behind it, or maybe they're just a really awesome team.  Either way, I am proud to be a Ridgeland Panther.  Beat some Marist tail, boys! 

Tomorrow, I am having lunch with one of my best and oldest friends, Julie.  She came up with a wonderful idea of having a day of Random Acts of Kindness.  We hoped to do it before Christmas, but that may not work out.  My/our other best friend/s, Lindsey and Lauren are going to participate too, but I think they both have plans tomorrow.  Anyway, we're going to have lunch and plan out our Random Acts of Kindness day.  We're compiling a list of things to do and I would love to hear any ideas you may have.  The day before Thanksgiving, someone bought our family's dinner at O'Charley's. When we found out, we, in turn, bought another family's dinner.  That's what you are supposed to do, right?  Pass it on!  I am so excited about Julie's idea and can't wait to share it with you all.  Not to brag, but to hope it gives you all a bit of inspiration too!  Anyone else want to help?  Or do your own day?  Could be fun!  :)

I do realize I asked for suggestions on two completely different things...Getting rid of snot and Random Acts of Kindness. HA.  Today I'll leave you with a picture of last night's sunset.  I took it while driving (don't judge!) but definitely waited until I got home to Instagram it.  ;)  Enjoy!

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