The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Friday, December 14, 2012


We made it to Friday!  Hooray!  It is a big weekend for us.  We are having our Women At Risk, International party on Sunday.  This is the same type of get-together I went to about 6 weeks ago and learned the devastating statistics about sex trafficking, you might remember me mentioning.  I have talked about it quite a bit since.  If you are free on Sunday from 12-ish to 2-ish, even if only for a drop-in and shop, please come by Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church THIS SUNDAY! You don't have to come to church to come to the party, but if you want to do so, we would love to have you.  You can come as you are, I will most likely be in jeans, so don't feel like you have to dress up to come.  I got six huge boxes full of beautiful things in the mail.  There is jewelry and tons of it.  There are scarves, handblown glass ornaments, purses, home decor, and more.  Everything is handmade by the women and children/teens rescued from sex trafficking.  This organization rescues them and houses them in a safehouse.  While in the safehouse, they are fed, educated, taught about the Bible (I think this is optional, though I need to check that out for sure), and taught a trade to help them find a way to support themselves without getting back into their previous situation.  For every $250 raised, a woman is housed for an entire month in a safehouse.  All of the things I mentioned are included.  Some of the women are Americans who were sold into slavery as children.  They have been gone so long, they don't know where to return to.  That breaks my heart into a million pieces. I cannot imagine.  So, please, stop by if you can.  The gifts are beautiful, just in time for Christmas, very reasonably priced, and support an amazing cause. 

Okay, I think I made my point. ;) 

We had our speech therapy session on Wednesday.  It went very well.  Jaime (our speech therapist) and I sat down in the floor with Colt and she started to try to get him to mimic her.  She started with the "m" sound, which he does well and paired the "m" sound with the sign for "more."  Everytime he would sign "more" (we were working a puzzle, he wanted more pieces), he had to add the "m" sound to go along with the sign.  It took him about 2 minutes to get down, and then he began doing it on his own without her prompting him.  She was amazed (or acted like it anyway;)) and said that was all she had planned to do that day because it usually takes much longer.  I had a proud mommy moment right then.  Eventually, the plan is to add little by little to the "m" sound to eventually get him to say "more" while also signing.  Genius, right?  It seemed so simple at the time.  This week our homework is to keep practicing that sound, and also add the "b" sound, and "p" sound.  I hear the "b" occasionally, but haven't heard "p" yet.  Jaime told me repeatedly how proud of us she was and that she was impressed with how quickly Colt picks things up.  Yay!  I am so proud of my smart little boy!

We had our ice company Christmas party at Chop House last night.  The food was incredible as always and the company was entertaining as always.  We are lucky to have such incredible people working here.  Sure. we all argue like a family, but honestly, these people are very much my family.  A few of them have worked here since I was born.  I grew up here, with these people.  They have been around during my childhood, been to my graduations, wedding, and my adult life up to this point.  They were right by our sides when my Nana passed away.  I'll never forget seeing the tears stream down their faces at her funeral, just like they were on our faces.  They are family.  Now, Colt is here to experience them and love them like we do.  I am proud to work for my family, I am proud of our business, I am proud that it is run with such dignity and honesty, and I am excited to see how far it will go.  Thank you, Lord, for blessing us and our company so.

That is what was on my mind today.  I hope everyone has a good and safe weekend. :)

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