The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Anxiety Abounds.

Well it's Tuesday, my usual blogging day.  I don't have much to blog about though, so this could get lengthy.  Ha.  When I don't have a topic, I tend to babble.  I'll try to refrain. 

Honestly, all that is going on with us is a whole lot of waiting.  We have one more week to go until we get to see Colt's neurologist.  I realize we are obviously getting closer to the appointment, but it just doesn't seem to be getting any closer.  I have been struggling the past couple of days, mostly with a sort of anxiety.  I am so anxious to see the neurologist, but at the same time, I am filled with this unexplainable certainty that we still won't know any more than we do now.  Last week, I was okay with just going along as we are now.  This week, I am so ready for a definite answer, a prognosis, a plan, a treatment though I do understand there won't be a real treatment.  I hate this and I am trying to be positive and remember "it could always be worse" but it's still hard to handle when your child is different or if life might be harder for them. 

Also, my stepdad goes Thursday to find out his cancer treatment path.  He will most likely be doing chemo again, with radiation this time, but I don't know when they'll start.  I am also anxious about this, as I know he and my mom are too. 

I guess that's all this blog will be...  Prayers for peace and the ease of anxiety.  If you could send some, that would be great. 

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