The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Brag Post.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Yesterday was a rough "anxiety" day and I cleaned the entire house.  I even "Pledge-d" the baseboards, washed the sheets and the quilt on the bed, dusted the blinds, and washed the dog's bed stuff! Oh yeah.  Anxiety is good for my house, that's for sure.  It should really happen more often.  Maybe I just needed to get all of that nervous energy out, because today I am feeling a bit better. 

We also had speech therapy, went to the grocery store, and ate lunch out.  It felt good to be productive, but I fell asleep during Duck Dynasty.  DARN. :/  I must have worked really hard!  ;) 

I just wanted to take a minute and brag on my sweet boy.  He is SO smart.  Yes, I realize everyone thinks their child is smart and I suppose they all are.  But, the associations that he makes are truly amazing.  He understands things that I never imagined a 2 year old could understand, especially when they can't communicate back to you - in words, at least.  I just have this feeling that he is smarter than we think.  I realize that I sound silly or just like a proud parent, but you'll see.  I am telling you, this child is brilliant.  I can't even put it into words.  It's a feeling, an intuition, whatever.  Last night, he cried and cried when we put him to bed, so we finally got him back out and I rocked him.  He fell asleep on my chest for the first time in a very long time. As I rocked him, I prayed for him.  I prayed that God would work miracles in his little brain and that he could heal it or at least create new pathways for his brain to work.  I prayed that he would help Colt learn to talk and help him to excel in ways that we could never imagine.  It will happen.  I know it. 

Recently, Colt has learned some colors, he consistently knows red, blue, green, yellow, and orange.  He sometimes gets purple. He can also point out some letters and numbers, his favorites being 2, 3, S and M.  He can also recognize his name when he sees it written.  Maybe this is normal, but it makes me very proud either way.  He is unbelievably visual, which is kind of funny since his first two years of his life were spent not seeing very well.  One of my favorite stories shows that...  A while back, Tucker, my 17 year old nephew, was at our house and Colt was sitting in Tucker's lap.  Tucker pulled out his iPhone (Colt is obsessed!) and put in his 4-digit passcode.  A few minutes later, he did it again.  The third time Tucker pulled out his phone, COLT PUT IN HIS PASSCODE.  The right way, the first time.  We were amazed.  If you show him something once or twice, you can bet your bottom dollar that Colt can do it right the very next time. 

Colt still only says "Mama" but they do not consider it a word, it is a sound, so technically, he still says zero words.  BUT he has learned quite a few new signs recently.  He now knows please, more, milk, bites, juice, drink, cracker, baby, help, potty, stars, bubbles, thank you, want/have, airplane, lion, apple, dog, drive, come here, and bird.  I feel like there are more, but that is all I can think of right now.  He has made up a couple of signs on his own too.  He tells me when he wants to do something on his own and when he has a boo boo or wants a bandaid.  I love the signs and that he can communicate with me to some extent.  We're working on mommy, daddy, grandmother, and grandfather too.   Also, I love you.  That one is hard, it uses 3 fingers and he struggles with his fingers. 

Last week we bought Colt a potty.  The first 3 times he sat on it, nothing happened.  The fourth time, he peepeed!!  We were so excited!  He then peepeed the next 3 times he sat on it!  He did it again a few times throughout last weekend, probably 8 or 9 times total.  He was even "asking" to sit on the potty.  Then Monday, nothing.  Tuesday, nothing.  Wednesday, nothing.  What the heck?  It's like he forgot how.  I have no idea what happened!  Is that normal?  Anyone know? 

Well, there we are.  I guess I was in a "talking" mood.  :) 

Colt loves to wear his new sunglasses on his head. :)
Kisses from my sweet boy.

My little stud is ready for church!

Happy boy. :)


  1. Oh M did the start/stop pee thing for a LONG time. Months. So we'd just stop for a couple of weeks and let her try again.

    I'm so freakin' proud of him getting the passcode right! HECK YEAH!

    1. That makes me feel better! We'll let it slide then. ;) Thanks!

      I was amazed with the passcode thing. ;)