The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Getaway.

I am sad that our weekend is over, as usual, but this past weekend was VERY nice.  We got to get out of town to a cabin in Pigeon Forge with two of our best friends, Jody and Lauren.  Colt stayed with my dad and Judy, so we were kid-free, but we took our dogs.  Jody and Lauren took their chocolate lab puppy, Piper, too.  It was quite the little road trip with 4 adults and 3 dogs in one pick-up truck.  :) 

We left Friday afternoon and made our way to our two bedroom cabin.  It was beautiful.  We got settled in and went out to the Smoky Mountain Brewery for dinner.  The next morning, Lauren made some monkey bread muffins for breakfast (amazing!) and we set out to go shopping.  We spent the morning at the outlets in Pigeon Forge, had lunch, then spent the rest of the day in downtown Gatlinburg and around.  I haven't been to downtown Gatlinburg in years and it has changed a lot.  We had a great time and shopped too much. ;)  Ryan and I both got new boots and Colt and Ryan got some new clothes.  I also got a new Kavu bag.  That night, we grilled out at the cabin and had hot wings and ribs.  We spent the evening eating and playing countless games of Uno with a fire and our dogs.  It was great.  Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at the Old Mill Restaurant and stuffed our faces. ;)  We were back home by the afternoon since we had the dogs in the truck. 
Roxie, Piper, and Lexie love their vacation!
Gatlinburg with Ryan
What a beautiful view! 
Wonderful friends.  We are so blessed!

Lexie got her hair done for the trip!

My new boots.  I'm in love.

It was nice to get away and it was nice to not have to worry about Colt in the cabin and while we were shopping, but I missed him terribly.  It helped having Jody, Lauren, and the dogs there though.  I think if it were just me and Ryan we would have talked about him the entire time and made it hard to be away.  He had a great weekend though, from what I hear.  He got to ride the tractor, help his granddad shovel and he "played" in the mud.  I know he loved it.  He must have played hard because he slept until 10:30 on Monday morning and then he took a good nap!  I bet his Nana could have slept that late yesterday too, if she didn't have to work!  He is exhausting! 

Yesterday, it rained so Colt and I didn't do much besides watch movies and do laundry.  It was nice to have him back. I missed that little booger.  Yesterday, after his nap, I was changing his diaper and he patted the clean diaper as I was putting it on, then pointed to the bathroom and did the sign for "potty."  I ran him in there and as soon as his hiney hit the potty, he peepeed!!  He knew before he went!!!  YAY!!!  I am so proud of my sweet boy.  :) 

I missed this precious face!

Sharing his Goldfish with Lexie. He missed his dogs, I think!

My stepdad starts chemo next week, on the 14th.  Again, I beg for your prayers.  The doctor has given him some serious pain meds to help keep him comfortable.  They prescribed morphine and oxycontin.  I don't take that as a good sign, but I am trying to remind them that doctors do not know everything.  I have heard more than one story lately of someone who has beat the odds and outlived their "time left."  I hope the same for Allen.  And Mom. 

Colt's neurologist appointment is tomorrow at 11.  I am ready.  I am trying to prepare myself for the chance that we'll leave with no more answers than we started with.  Dr. Miller said on the phone that he could help us understand more in person than over the phone.  He said he'd draw us a picture and we'll see the MRI, so if nothing else, maybe we'll understand more after tomorrow. 

One more thing, I don't want to say too much for fear of jinxing us, but yesterday I made a list of things to do so we can put our house on the market.  I am so flippin' ready to be back in Flintstone.  If anyone is looking for a 4 bedroom (1 is a big bonus room with a huge walk-in closet), 2 bath house in a nice, new neighborhood, give me a call!  :)  Our house is great and our neighborhood/neighbors are great, but we're wanting to be closer to my family's farm.  Just throwing that out there! ;)

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