The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My cup runneth over.

So much has happened since my last blog entry!  We got moved into our new house, first of all!  I am so happy to be there and love being back in Flintstone.  I do miss our old house though.  This one is quite a bit bigger and has a finished basement that makes an excellent playroom for Colt, but there were so many memories in the other house.  It makes me a little sad, but I look forward to making new memories in this house.  :)  The house is still an absolute wreck, but it is slowly coming together.  The boxes are getting unpacked a little at a time.  The kitchen is finally all together and to me that makes the house seem more together.  That is a very important room! :)  I am struggling with where to put things on the walls and making it seem like home to Colt without it being almost identical to the other house.  Hm.  That's a good problem to have, I suppose. :)
Colt's playroom!  Thanks, Ryan!

Colt has been making HUGE strides in just about everything, really.  He is now (sometimes!) calling me "mommy" instead of "mama."  That makes me feel like my heart is going to explode!  Y'all.  I can't even tell you what that does for me.  He has also been saying "Mimi!" a lot.  That is what he calls Ryan's mom, Kim.  She hasn't heard it yet, but I know she will be happy when she does. :)  He has started calling Ryan "Gaga" for some reason.  Ryan hates it.  Ha.  ;)  He says "Tuhkah!" (Tucker), "bawbaw" (baseball), "lulu" (I call our dog Lexie Lulu), "eat" (figures), "bubble" (pretty plain!) and he's trying VERY hard to say "hula hoop" (random, I know.  He got it from Alvin and the Chipmunks.  "Me, I want a HULA HOOP!" You know the line...)  He has also started to nod.  Yes, I realize that sounds so silly, but when your kid can't tell you "yes, that's what I meant/want/said" then a simple nod can save you a lot of distress trying to figure things out.  I love, love, LOVE that we are being able to communicate!  He is signing up a storm, constantly.  He's always just throwing out these signs that I had no idea he even picked up.  I think I have mentioned before that we have a cd we listen to in the car that is from our My Smart Hands signing class.  He LOVES it.  He does the signs a beat before the word we're supposed to be signing now!  He knows them all by heart.  A couple of his favorite signs are "happy" and "grumpy."  Every morning, I ask him which one he is.  He always says grumpy first, then smiles and does happy, like he's saying "Just kidding, Mom!"  He says "Mama!" then signs "happy" like he is asking me if I am happy.  I always say "Yes, you make mommy happy!" and he smiles and nods like he understands. :) 

This week, Colt started a new "school."  It is really a Mother's Day Out program at a church in East Ridge.  It is Tuesday and Thursday from 9 - 1 and it is Colt's first time away from anyone in our family, really.  I mean, we leave him in the nursery at church, but we're in the building somewhere.  I was so very anxious that I wasn't sleeping and I cried like a baby when I left him on Tuesday.  I actually know the woman who coordinates the whole thing.  We grew up together and went to school together, so that made me feel more comfortable about leaving him.  Then when I got there, I knew his teacher too!  I grew up and went to school with her too!  That helped a lot.  So anyway...  I have a story.  After the long day, I couldn't wait to "talk" to him about it!  I asked him what he did at school and he said "eee eat"  over and over and over.  Finally, I saw on the MDO facebook page that they had talked about Adam and Eve.  I asked him if he learned about Adam and Eve and he said "eee eat!"  I finally got it!  He was saying "Eve eat!"  I asked him about that and he did the sign for "apple!"  We asked him if Eve ate the apple and he nodded.  It was so cute!  He went through all these signs and sounds and made us understand what he was saying.  That Eve ate the apple and they got in trouble!  Ryan and I just stood there in disbelief.  We were so proud!!  :)

This morning when I dropped him off, Megan said "Colt stole the show on Tuesday! We love him!"  Then when I saw his teacher, Rebecca, she said "He is the sweetest, most loving little kid I have ever met!"  I am seriously beaming.  :)

So, there we are.  Life is good.  My cup runneth over.

 These smiles.  Oh my.

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