The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Answers to Prayers!

My last blog was full of worry, no doubt.  This one isn't!  Yay!  I took Colt to the doctor on Friday to have his ears rechecked and they were, indeed, full of fluid.  We saw Dr. Friddell, who is not our usual pediatrician but he is my next pick, when Dr. Smith isn't available.  Honestly, every time we see him, I find myself wondering why we don't always see him.  He is amazing.  He is so patient with me and with Colt.  He sits down in the other "parent" chair and talks on my level.  Recently, Colt has become obsessed with doctor's and their instruments (future Dr. Doolittle?), so the entire time, Colt is crawling (seriously!) all over Dr. Friddell, trying to put the end of the stethoscope up his shirt.  Dr. Friddell didn't even flinch, talking to me the whole time, never missing a beat, and absentmindedly rubbing Colt's back as he spoke.  Love him.  Sorry, just wanted to throw that out there.  I don't often have nothing but praises for a doctor, so when I do, I share!  ;)  ANYWAY....  Colt's ears were full of fluid, which could have been what was causing him to not be able to speak/hear the way he normally does.  The fluid isn't infected, so that's good.  Since he's had two back-to-back infections, he is sending us to the ENT who did his tubes to see what he thinks.  The appointment is in 4 weeks because he said that will give the fluid time to go away, or he will get another infection between now and then.  If he does, we'll definitely need tubes again.  If not, he may not need them just yet.  So, I am glad we went.  Dr. Friddell also suggested giving Colt Zyrtec along with his Singulair everyday to see if that will help "dry him out" and hopefully prevent more infections.  Funny, I take Zyrtec and Singulair every single day too and can't live without the two together.  Since we have started that with Colt, we've been out quite and bit and so far, not the first runny nose.  I am hopeful!  :)  Thank you all for letting me vent my worries and frustrations with Colt and his speech on here.  Most importantly, thank you all for the prayers. 

Colt also said a new word this weekend - "Tuh-kah!"  (Tucker.)  He LOVES Tucker.  So, that exceeded our prayers!  :) 
 Colt got to ride on Uncle Jody's tractor. :)

We got some serious house cleaning in this weekend too.  I spent all day over there on Sunday, and Ryan joined me in the evening when he got off of work.  Summer is here, Ryan has worked the past 9 days straight!  That doesn't make for much productivity on the house.  However, we managed this weekend.  We rented a heavy-duty carpet cleaner from Home Depot and I cleaned my guts out.  That sucker is HEAVY.  Anyway, the carpet looks amazing.  Late that night, Ryan cleaned the carpet in the finished basement, so not much left to do!  We also got the house painted and it looks great.  I am in love with the living room/hallway/stairway/kitchen/dining room color.  The two upstairs bathrooms are supposed to be gray and I am not going to lie, they're looking a bit lavender.  Ha.  Maybe once we get some stuff in there, they will look more gray.  I hope.  :)  I also finished painting our bedroom furniture.  It is painted a very light gray with a coral "accent piece" bedside table.  I am waiting to see how I like it once everything is in there.  It may be repainted.  ;)  We are hoping to be able to start moving this week. I am full of excitement and dread at the same time.  Bah. 

I love this color!

Colt's room is finished!  I can't wait to get his furniture in here! 

Also, one major thing is about to happen for Colt!  (Bear with me, I am a sloppy, anxious mess.)  Next week, a week from today, he starts a Mother's Day Out program at a church in East Ridge.  It is two days a week, half a day, but it will be the first time he's been away from someone in our family.  I mean, he stays in the nursery and stuff at church, but someone in our family is always in the building, you know?  I know he will do fine and he'll probably love it, but I am so nervous.  I think it will be a good "warm-up" for when he starts preschool in late October.  He needs the structure and the rules and the interaction with the other kids.  So.  Pray for me.  I am a mess. 

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