The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Friday, July 20, 2012

Starting the day with a heavy heart.

This morning as I was lying in bed listening to the thunder, I decided to turn the news on to see if the weather should keep me out of the shower or not (you know your mama always told you to stay out of the shower when it was lightning too!) and instead of weather found my tv screen filled with people running and flashing police lights.  My heart is broken for the people of Aurora, Colorado today as innocent, unsuspecting moviegoers were selfishly murdered by a gas-masked gunman.  I will never understand what goes on in someone's heart or mind to make them do such heinous things.  I pray God can somehow provide comfort and strength for the affected families to get through the hard days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

So, moving on to lighter subjects.  Would anyone be interested in me putting recipes or occasional crafts or anything on here?  I love to cook and try new recipes, but don't want to make it solely a "cooking blog."  Maybe make it a once a week or biweekly thing?  I am also getting a little braver and attempting some of the things I have pinned on Pinterest.  It is making me feel very artsy-fartsy, but it may or may not be what I had for dinner last night.  Some of my friends and I did one of those classes last weekend where they teach you how to do a painting and you can bring drinks and snacks and make it a little party, if you want.  Some places they call it "Sips 'N Strokes" or something like that.  This one, here in Chattanooga, is called ArtsyU and it is in the same strip center as Provino's, near the Rave theater.  I had a ball and cannot wait to go back.  We painted peacock feathers that night, which wasn't really all that appealing to me at the time, but I ended up loving my painting.  Maybe I just love it because I did it, but I am pretty proud of it.  If you are even slightly interested, DO IT!  I would recommend that place and our teacher, named Debi. 

My peacock feathers

My friend, Lauren and I also decided to make some wreaths we saw on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and I'll post the picture of mine below.  It was super easy!  We bought some cheap grapevine wreaths, a wooden initial, and some cheap silk flowers at Hobby Lobby.  As soon as Colt took a nap, we went to work and even had time for a nap after we finished!  That's what I call a crafting success! 

Don't look too close, you can see where we got paint on the door handle when we painted our ugly black door...oh and Roxie.  You can see Roxie. ;)

Anyway, does this interest you guys?  I don't want it to be too frou-frou because I am so not that way, but do like easy, cheap things I can do myself.  Crafts or meals.  I like to watch Rachael Ray cook and all, but half the time, I have no idea where to even find the ingredients she uses, you know?  Let me know what you think!  Thanks to those of you reading these so far!  I am excited to try something new!


  1. I'd love to see recipes and craft ideas on here! I thought the wreath was adorable.

  2. Thanks, Colleen! I appreciate the feedback!

  3. I would love to see crafts and recipes. I like doing things myself. It is so uplifting to see something I have made versus something bought in a store. As for recipes, I'm always looking for something new to make. We are so tired of the same old things, yet it is super hard to find different things to make.