The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Akron, here we come!

My second blog post, yay!  They may be lengthy (bear with me!) since I probably won’t update daily due to the fact that I only work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and Comcast and I hate each other at our house, so our internet is on hold.  Comcast is, in my personal opinion, the Anti-Christ and the root of all evil.  I am on strike. 


Yesterday, I finally got the call from Dr. Hertle’s office in Akron.  We have an appointment for Colt on September 12th.  That gives us a little less than two months to prepare and figure out how we will get there, where we will stay, and how much it will cost.  Obviously, we have two options on the HOW to get there: drive or fly.  The drive is about 10 hours according to Mapquest, which means with a toddler more like 13 hours?  I don’t know what person in their right mind would strap a kid in a carseat for that long.  On Monday, Colt and I went to visit my mom and stepdad, Allen, in Villa Rica, which is about 2 ½ hours from where we live.  I was so prepared, I felt like SuperMom.  I bought a cheap portable DVD player, took a few of his favorite DVDs, books, and toys to entertain him on the drive.  It was a disaster.  SuperMom was uncaped.  I will never do that trip without Ryan or someone else to help me entertain him again.  He just wants to run, not be strapped down!  Who can blame him?  Well, me, for one, running is torturous, but I don’t count.  All that to say, there is no way I will drive that far with him.  No way.  Not happening.  I have found decently priced plane tickets from Nashville (2 hours from here) to Akron, so I guess we’ll do that.  My sweet, wonderful, amazingly, generous Pawpaw has offered to help us pay for plane tickets.  If you see him out, give him a hug.  I adore the man.  I guess that solves that travel issue, though flying with him could be disasterous too.  Think drugging him with Benadryl would make me a bad mom?  ;)

I also have a really sweet friend that I worked with years ago whom has offered to give us an employee discount at a hotel near the hospital.  Thanks, Matthew.  I owe you.  Then we’ll rent a car (I need to look up coupon codes or something for that!) and we can rent a carseat without having to take one on the plane!  That would be wonderful.  Yesterday, I had a (few) huge meltdown(s) and freaked about money and how much it will cost us, but God is taking care of it and putting my mind at ease.  Funny, how He knows how to do that.  ;) 

Now I am most anxious about what the doctor has to say about Colt’s eyes.  His nystagmus has gotten quite a bit better since his surgeries but isn’t gone.  Sometimes, when he has control of one eye and it is looking straight ahead, the other eye drifts to the side and when that happens, I see his nystagmus in only the uncontrolled eye.  That really bothers me, for some reason, but maybe it is normal?  I really have no idea. 

Moving on.  Recently Colt has learned how to take DVDs out of their cases AND put them in/take them out of the player!  Geez.  He has become obsessed with "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and we have watched it countless times over the past few days.  I, for one, hate the Christmas season, but watching that movie over and over has made me ALMOST look forward to Christmas.  Yikes!  I assure you though, if I see it a few more times, I might revert back to my old Grinchy ways.  It also stormed a few times yesterday (which I love!) and I got a cute picture of Colt “hiding” from the thunder, I’ll attach below. 

Sorry for another long post.  I have always been a “talker.”  ;)

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