The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Songs That "Do It"

Music.  Ever hear a song that makes you feel like you're wrapped up in a big, fluffy blanket?  When you hear it, it just hugs you?  Or hear a song that takes you back to a particular place in your life?  Maybe a good place, maybe a bad place...  Or reminds you of a certain person?  I think we all have those songs.  So I want to know what songs those are for you?  The songs that hug you.  The songs that give you chills.  The songs that can change your mood in an instant.  The songs that make you happy.  The songs that make you cry.  Share them with me.  I'll try my best to share mine.  There are so many that I almost don't want to open that vault, but am willing to ATTEMPT to narrow it down enough to post.  So.  Here goes nothing.

Songs That Hug Me:
"No Woman, No Cry"  Bob Marley.  So very comforting.
"Walking in Memphis"  Mark Cohn.  It just makes me FEEL.
"Halfway Home"  Jason Mraz.  Just beautiful.  His voice is perfection.  So strong and pure.
"Hold You in My Arms"  Ray Lamontagne.  Just love.
"Piano Man"  Billy Joel.  Sigh.
"Have A Little Faith in Me"  John Hiatt.  WHOA.

Songs That Make Me Happy:
"All Night Long"  Jason Mraz.  Cover of Lionel Richie.  This song makes me want to dance.
"I Believe in a Thing Called Love"  The Darkness.  Tell me you don't love this.
"Make It Mine"  Jason Mraz.  This song makes me think I can conquer the world for about 4 minutes.
"Cherry Bomb"  John Mellencamp.  'And dancin' meant everything...'
"Maggie May"  Rod Stewart.  No question. 
"Little Red Corvette"  Prince.  This song just does it for me.  No other explanation.

Songs That 'Take Me Back':
"Semi-Charmed Life"  Third Eye Blind.  Reminds me of guitars and bonfires with friends.
"Screaming Infidelities"  Dashboard Confessional.  (Anything Dashboard, really)  Julie and Geoff.  ;)
"I Can't Make You Love Me"  Bonnie Raitt.  Always reminds me of my mom. (Also a mood changer)
"Edge of Seventeen"  Stevie Nicks.  Mom.

So there are a few.  I know I will kick myself later because I forgot something.

Your turn.  Spill it. 


  1. Steve Miller's "the Joker" reminds me of high school

    Conway Twitty's "Love to lay you down" is the song i sang to Miss Brandi the night i met her....provocative i know, but it worked!

    AC/DC's "Shook me all night long" makes me want to party

    Guns n Roses album "Appetite for destruction" just awesome

    lately.....Jack Johnson is our "chill" music "make you banana pancakes, pretend it the weekend now...we can pretend it all the time."

  2. Nice choices, Webb! I LOVE Jack Johnson!!