The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Colt's eyes

I know this makes two blogs in one day, but hey, the other one wasn't the normal.  

Yesterday, we went to Colt's regular Pediatric Ophthalmologist for his three month post-op appointment. Dr. Peterson was not happy with the results, especially after we told him that two days after surgery, Colt's eyes were back where they were before the second surgery. After Colt's second surgery, Dr. Peterson told us he was frustrated because he thought he knew what the problem was but he was wrong. He assumed the first surgery didn't take because he thought Colt's muscles had moved after surgery. They hadn't. He didn't know why his eyes weren't lining up. So with the second surgery, he only operated on Colt's right eye, since it seemed to have been "over-corrected". He moved his muscles from their position after the first surgery, to their original position before the first surgery. The position they were in when Colt was born. Before our first surgery, Colt's eyes crossed in. So, I was afraid that moving the muscles back to their original position would make them cross in again. That is worse than them going out like they do now, because that causes Colt to have double vision, which REALLY hinders his development. When his eyes go out, he tends to have one dominant eye. Before the second surgery, it was his left eye that was dominant. When a child has a dominant eye and the other goes out, eventually, the weaker eye will lose vision. Forever. That was terrifying to me. That is why we patched his dominant eye, to force the weak eye to be used so he didn't go blind in that eye. Now, the problem is that his dominant eye is interchangeable. We don't know which eye to patch, but it isn't really necessary because he is using both eyes, just not together very well. So.  

Dr. Peterson wanted to schedule a third surgery to go in and look at Colt’s eyes.  That means, go in with no game plan.  That is scary to me, but I kind of know that is what his new doctor in Ohio will have to do too.  When Dr. Peterson told us this, we told him about going to Akron.  Ryan thinks he was irritated, but to be honest, I think he is just irritated with this whole situation.  He told us he was frustrated with it because he doesn’t know why it isn’t working.  They use some kind of algorithms to figure out where to place the muscles and it almost always works for everyone.  It doesn’t work for Colt.  Dr. Peterson seems to think the problem is more with Colt’s brain than his eyes.  His brain isn’t communicating with his eyes and that’s why they do what they want, instead of what they should.  I kind of wonder if this is a "cop-out."  After Colt’s first surgery, his nystagmus was almost completely gone.  You could only see it when he got REALLY tired.  Now, it is back, but only in one eye – the eye that goes out, when he doesn’t have control over it.  That concerns me terribly.  So, after mentioning all of this to Dr. Peterson, he seemed excited for us to get these tests done in Akron, because he “needs all of the information he can get for this one.”   He even mentioned calling Dr. Hertle and them trying to work together as a team for Colt.  I would LOVE that. 
Now our game plan is to go to Akron in on September 11th for our appointment on the 12th,  fly home on the 13th, then go back to Dr. Peterson to discuss what happened on the 24th.  I just want a plan.  Answers.  I know it can always be worse, I know, I know, I know.  I am grateful that it is not.  But I still want answers.  That’s where we are now.  I am sorry this was a lot of information, probably too much, but I wanted to try to explain and try to help people understand.  Keep my sweet Colt and his doctors in your prayers, if you would! 

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