The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A bunch of blah.

Well there is only a little bit to update since my last post.  A little about me, a little more about Colt, Ryan hasn't changed much. ;)

Last Saturday was my 10 year high school class reunion.  I helped a little with the planning, but the band I had hoped on having (they played our wedding! Shout out, Bud Lightning!) didn't work out because our class was being lame and not enough of our classmates signed up, so we couldn't pay enough for them.  My job was to book the entertainment and we didn't get to do that, so really I didn't help much at all.  Moral support, maybe?  Hehe.  Either way, Lacey and Larry totally pulled it off and we had a blast.  I had a last minute moment of insecurity and almost backed out, but I am so glad I went.  Being in the same room with all of those people made it really hard to believe it had been 10 years since we were all together.  We ate, we danced, we talked, we laughed.  It was fun.  So good to see you all!

Monday, Ryan, Colt, and I toured a "Kidz Day Out" (their version of Mommy's Day Out?) at a local church.  They meet Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 12, so Colt could have a little more interaction with kids his age.  I was hoping to have another place to tour so I could compare, but so far, they are the only place that takes kids his age.  The others are 3 and up, which is old enough for preschool, so that defeats the purpose, in my opinion.  Anyway, I was happy with it, so I guess I really don't need to compare it.  I am hoping he can start soon, but we haven't solidified anything yet.

Yesterday, we had a meeting with one of the ladies with our local early intervention group called "Babies Can't Wait."  They offer speech therapy, which is what has been suggested that Colt needs.  This is our second encounter with them, as Colt had an evaluation 6 months ago which he passed.  At that point, he was 18 months and saying 4 words.  He passed then, due to his understanding and eyes/late walking.  Now he is 2 weeks shy of 2 years and only says 1 word.  "Mama."  He has stopped saying the other 3.  Stubborn much?  The lady that came to our house yesterday, says he will definitely need the speech therapy this time.  We will still have the evaluation, but he's at a definite need for the therapy.  I am hopeful that being around other children a little more, combined with the speech therapy will get that boy talking. 

As for Colt's eyes, we are still not sure what to think.  They are definitely better and working together.  Ryan and I have both seen both eyes try to turn in a little, and last night, both eyes went out just a tad.  :(  BUT he was really tired and seemed to not feel well, so maybe that was it.  We see Dr. Peterson next week and I am really anxious to hear what he thinks.  Like I have said before, maybe we are overly paranoid.  Or maybe we see things others don't because we are his parents.  I don't know.  I will definitely share the doctor's opinion. 

This weekend we are going to Blue Ridge with some of our family.  I am excited to get out of town for a bit, without it being for a doctor visit.  I'm sure I'll come back armed with a million pictures to share.  You know how I am. 

One more thing, last night, Ryan finally got Colt's swing up on his new playset!  The rest is still coming along, but at least Colt and I can swing while Ryan works on it. 

Hurry up, Dad!  I want in!


Modeling sunglasses at the mall.

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