The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Allergist/Speech update and a rambling.

I'll try to give a quick update on the situations I mentioned in my last blog, but you guys know I am a bit long-winded.

Yesterday, we had our last speech therapy session with Jaime.  We are so sad to have to say goodbye, but we're happy that her new job will be better for her and her family.  She helped us make a decision on which speech therapy path to choose next and we chose to continue our in-home visits with a new therapist.  The new lady's name is Betty and she is an older lady from what I hear.  They say she is very nurturing and "grandmother-ly" but also tough.  I am okay with that.  Colt hasn't been cooperative at all the last few therapy sessions.  He is a little TOO independent and isn't wanting to sit down and concentrate, making it hard to make any progress with him.  He's so big that it is hard to make him do anything he doesn't want to do.  I know that will only get harder as he gets bigger, so I hope to be able to figure out a way to make him more apt to do what you want and less of what he wants without taking away his personality.  How do you do that?  Is it just because he is two??  Anyway, as of right now, I do not know when our new sessions will be, I just know they will be with Betty and will be at our home. 

Yesterday afternoon, Colt had an appointment with Dr. Younger, the allergist.  I may have mentioned this in the last post, but Dr. Younger has been my allergist since I was younger (ha!) than Colt.  It has been a LONG time.  We had a second skin test done due to the rashes he gets when he eats.  He obviously hated it, but luckily Ryan was there to help hold him down.  After the eye doctor incident where I had to lay him on the floor and straddle him just to get eye dilation drops in his eyes, I refuse to go alone.  He is too strong for me at two years old.  Anyway, they tested him for 38 different allergens, including all kinds of nuts, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.  The poor kid had marker and little holes all over his back.  The last time I had a skin test, I had 74.  Not fun, especially if you are allergic.  The places itch like mad and you can't scratch it for 20 minutes.  Those are the longest 20 minutes ever.  Amazingly, Colt wasn't allergic to any of them.  Not a single one.  I am very thankful for that.  Dr. Younger thinks that Colt just has very sensitive skin, like his mommy.  He said it could be the beginnings of eczema or atopic dermatitis, both of which I have, but maybe it won't get worse.  Some things just irritate his skin, for him it seems to be certain foods, but he isn't technically allergic.  So he can eat them, they just shouldn't touch his skin.  This is common with ketchup or tomato-based products for many people.  So, that is our answer to the skin rashes.  No allergies, just easily irritated.  We treat it with Benadryl cream or something similar, just like we have been. 

The past few days I have really begun to believe that Ryan and I are both suffering from SAD.  Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It's basically a kind of depression that comes in the winter months and is very common.  It's not like normal depression, but you just kind of feel blah, and want to do nothing but eat and sleep.  It's brought on by the lack of sunshine and short days/long nights.  Yesterday evening all either of us could do was talk about how sleepy and tired we were.  We got in the bed as soon as Colt did at 8:45.  This morning, it was all I could do to get up and I am still in that "sleep fog."  You know the one.  Blah.  I like winter when it SNOWS, but seeing as the high on Saturday is 73, I don't see any of that in my future.  I suppose I am ready for spring, so Colt and I can get out. I was so excited to be able to take him to the playground on Saturday, but go figure, it's going to rain.  Maybe we'll go anyway.  That may cure our SAD.  ;)  Seriously though, anyone else feeling this??? 

I'll leave you with a picture of Colt and his obsession with putting stickers on his face.  He is my only source of sunshine lately, I figure I'll share!


  1. We're having the same issues of cooperation with Cooper... I think it's just being 2. I have a hard time controlling/fighting him when he's upset and he's only 25 pounds. He's just so strong, fast, and wiry that I can hardly handle him by myself. We're also having the seasonal issues, well I know I am at least! I've been so looking forward to the warmer weather to use our new Chattanooga Zoo membership, but like you said, it's so rainy we haven't been able to go!

    1. I hate that you are having the two year old issue too, but I am glad I am not alone. I guess they are just discovering their independence and are intent on using it?

      I want to take Colt to the zoo when it warms up. Maybe we could go together sometime!