The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our first ER visit.

It's Tuesday, blogging day!  It has been a busy weekend for us.  Included in that busy weekend was our very first emergency room visit. 

Sunday afternoon, Colt woke up from his nap wheezing a bit.  We thought it was just chest congestion of some sort, but took him to my dad and Judy's house to let them listen.  It got better the longer he was awake, so we went on to church.  Luckily, he was the only one in the nursery that night.  The wheezing turned into more of a high-pitched squealy wheeze before bed.  We gave him some Mucinex and decided to check him periodically through the night.  That wasn't necessary because he woke up about 10:30, trying to scream but not really making any noise.  When we got him up, he was gasping for breath and literally fighting to breathe.  He was reaching out and grabbing at the air like he was trying to pull it in his lungs.  It was horrifying.  This coming from someone with asthma, who knows exactly what that feels like.  It had to be terrifying for him, because he's too young to understand.  We rushed to T.C. Thompson, then seeing the people in the ER, ran down to the Urgent Care.  As soon as they heard him, they told us to go back upstairs and we didn't even have to wait.  Honestly, that scared me because then I knew how important it was.  Anyway, they immediately decided he had a bad case of the croup.  He's had the croup before, but it was NOTHING like this.  They gave him a breathing treatment and a long-lasting one dose steroid and we had to wait two hours to make sure the wheezing wasn't going to come back.  They said it was concerning because of the severity of the wheeze while he was resting, not just when he coughed or cried.  So the steroids worked and at 4 a.m. we got to go home.  Ryan had to be at work at 5:30, so he got absolutely no sleep, Colt slept about 4 hours and I got the same. 

Yesterday was our stay at home sick day.  We decided to play outside because the ER doc said cold air would be good.  He had a good time swinging, running around, climbing, sliding, and rolling in the grass.  At least he got some energy out.  The rest of the day he was clingy and snuggly, which I didn't mind at all.  Overall, we had a really good sick day. He wheezed some throughout the day, but it wasn't terrible.  Last night, it came on again, just slightly less than Sunday night.  We took him outside on the coldest night we have had thus far, and it did help, but he coughed and wheezed all night.  :/  Poor kid.  I can handle coughs and snot, but that wheezing makes me paranoid. I took him to the pediatrician earlier today.  Colt's doctor wasn't impressed with the steroids they gave him at the ER (neither am I!) and gave us some oral steroids to take for the next 3 days.  I sent today's dose back to his Mimi's with him and he has already taken and thrown up both pills for today's dose.  So.  We're down 1 day with no benefit.  Boo!  Looks like we're back at square 1.  Hopefully it will take care of itself sooner than later. 
I caught Colt with Mr. Potatohead's teeth in his mouth. ;)

Not feeling good :(

Actually, he might be feeling better ;)

Oh yes, definitely better!  Swings fix everything!

Someone LOVES to lay in the grass, even crunchy winter grass! :)

Saturday (this was pre-sickness!), we made a spur of the moment evening trip to Bounce-A-Lot Playhouse, a local inflatable play place.  We were just trying to get Colt out of the house and that place is only $3 to get in for him, so it would be cheap fun.  Except, he hated it.  Granted it was crowded with bigger kids running around all crazy, so I could see how it would be intimidating.  Ryan even climbed in some of the inflatables with him, but he was not impressed. 

 I realize this post wasn't a lot of interesting, but this is what's going on with us right now.  Also, we're in the market for a house in Flintstone, and will be ready to sell ours in the next few months.  If anyone is looking for a cute, almost brand new house in a good neighborhood, let me know! ;) 

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