The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A sappy post.

Yesterday, we got a little time to work at the new house.  Our friends Jody and Lauren came over to help us and my dad and Judy kept Colt for a while.  Jody and Ryan started putting up the beadboard in Colt's room and so far, it looks really cute.  We still have to paint it (it's white, but needs to actually be painted white) but here is a picture of the room, so far.

Ryan sent me this picture after I left last night. 

It is pretty bright green, but the beadboard tones it down and I think it will be more so once we get stuff in the room.  :) 

Lauren and I went through Colt's clothes and got stuff piled up for the new neighborhood's community yard sale on May 4th.  If you or someone you know needs boy clothes, from newborn to 2T, come see me.  I have PILES.  Literally, just piles right now.  Lauren couldn't really do much because I had to decide what to sell and what to keep, but she was much more helpful than she knows.  Seeing those tiny, precious baby clothes that my big 40 1/2 lb toddler has long since outgrown was very emotional for me.  I think if I had been sitting there alone, holding up each tiny pair of footed pajamas and itty-bitty onesie, I would have been an ugly-crying, snotty mess.  It hit me hard just how quickly Colt is growing up.  The sleepless nights, though they still happen occasionally, are a distant memory.  I do not miss the lack of sleep, but I do miss holding my sweet boy while he sleeps on my chest. His (and my!) favorite place to least, then it was. :)

Then he grew into this fun little monkey!

And now, this wild, energetic, simple, impossibly stubborn, temperamental, sweet, beautiful monster.   ;)

As parents, it is our job to lead, guide, discipline, and teach our children about life.  But sometimes, sometimes they teach us.  I am so proud of the happy little boy he is, even through all of the challenges he has faced and continues to face.  For now, I am thoroughly enjoying being able to live life through the eyes of a child.  It is so refreshing.  The world is so magical to them.  I hope I can remember this and continue to see the world that way, even long after he is grown. 

Forgive me for being sentimental.  I had to get it out.  Seeing all the baby clothes really got to me.   I'll try not to be so sappy from now on, though I can't make any promises.  ;)

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