The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We have survived another weekend!  I always love to see the weekend arrive and I am always sad to see it go, but by the end of the weekends, sometimes work seems like a vacation!  It's never the relaxing, restful time that I hope for. 

Friday afternoon, I picked Colt up somewhat early and he was really sleepy, so we went home for a nap.  When he woke up from his nap, his ear was draining and was kind of gross looking.  I won't go into too much detail here.  ;)  His doctor's office had already closed, and Colt seemed okay so I just let it go.  Well Saturday morning, it was yucky looking again, so I called the doctor.  I took him in, feeling kind of silly because he had no other symptoms and I am glad that I did.  His eardrum had ruptured!  Apparently, he's had an ear infection and we had no idea.  He hasn't been fussy or pulling on his ear or anything.  The only clue we had was last Wednesday night, he cried all. night. long.  Looking back, I guess that was a sign of something, but I didn't know what at the time.  Hindsight and all that, you know.  Anyway, we got more antibiotics (I hate antibiotics!) and some antibiotic ear drops.  It should heal up, but we have to go back in in about 10 days to make sure.  Poor kid.  The only real sign of anything wrong right now is that he won't let you touch his ear.  I assume it's very sensitive. Oh, at the doctor's office, he weighed in at a whopping 40.5 lbs.  ;)

 Not feeling too badly. :)
 Getting to be such a big boy!

Ryan started his Saturdays back at work this weekend.  It will be a long summer/fall before he's home on Saturdays again.  Colt and I spent the morning at the doctor and Walgreens getting his prescriptions, but we got in some fun time at our sweet friend, Makayla's third birthday party!  Colt did okay for about an hour, then got a little grumpy and tired, so we went home.  The Waltermyer's sure now how to throw a party.  It was so cute and Colt and I had a good time. :)  Saturday evening, Colt went to my dad and Judy's house and Ryan and I got to work at the new house some more.  This is a very slow process, because we don't have much time to work over there.  We have to find someone to watch Colt every time and that's hard.  I hate to keep pawning him off on them, but you can't get anything done with a two-year-old running around.  Saturday night, we painted furniture.  I'll do a "before and after" post later.  I still don't have the knobs that I want for the drawers. 

Sunday was church day.  It was also the party for a very special couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  What an accomplishment!  Happy anniversary, Mike and Carol!  We love you guys!  We didn't stay at the party too long, it was definitely Colt's naptime.  Whew.  He got some good playtime in with his cousins, Tucker and Tanner.  We went back to church that evening, then had our regular Sunday night dinner date with Dad and Judy (and Tuck, too!).  I love my family.  We are blessed.

Now, yesterday was our rest day.  Colt and I stayed home all day and got to sleep in.  That was much appreciated.  Thanks, Colt.  I cleaned the house, we watched movies, we played outside, etc.  While Colt napped, I got busy on a painting I have been wanting to try.  My dear friend, Julie, sent me an idea recently for a canvas for her little boy's nursery.  He'll be here at the end of the summer.  I had some small canvases and wanted to do a test-run, if you will.  It turned out great, I think.  It is now hanging in Colt's room because I couldn't bear to throw it away.  Ha.  It felt great to get the paint out and now I can't wait to do something else.  I've had the painting itch for a while now.  I think this only made the itch worse!  ;) 
The first dandelion.  

I got a call yesterday that someone wants to see our house today.  After Colt went to bed last night, we raced around cleaning up so that I didn't have to do it this morning before I left for work.  I do have to go get the dogs here in a bit though.  It's hard to show a house with a two-year-old and two dogs living there.  I will be so thankful when this is over.  I pray that this showing is the last one.  Maintaining two houses is exhausting!  Two houses is better than no house though, so I shouldn't complain.  We are blessed.  

I also want to take a second to share some pictures I have taken recently.  Now these are by no means exceptional photos as they are taken from my phone, but they make me proud of where we live.  I love Chattanooga.  I love Flintstone.  Lucky for us, Flintstone is about 5 minutes from Chattanooga.  Two of my most favorite places in the world. :)  We are so blessed.

A farm with Lookout Mountain in the background.
My grandparents' house in Flintstone.  Where I grew up.  Where I got married.  Home.

 The Tennessee River with Chattanooga in the background.  Taken from Lookout Mountain.

One last thing... Colt has been making new sounds lately and we are so excited.  He is definitely calling me Mama a lot more and it seems to come very easily for him.  He is also saying something that means Dada, but he isn't making the "D" sound.  I don't know how to type that sound out.  ;)  He means Dada though and he is using it frequently, so that's a huge improvement.  He is saying "blue" which sounds more like "boo" but still, that's HUGE!  He says it without being pushed to do so now.  When he sees something blue, he says it.  He knows it's a good thing and he seems proud and excited to be able to say something.  :)  He can say "bye-bye" but it is like pulling teeth to get him to do it.  Yesterday, Colt wanted something opened.  He said "Mama!"  Then signed "help!"  I almost cried.  He is communicating!!!  Sunday night, we were at Cracker Barrel and he was doing this sign that looked a lot like "milk" and "bubbles" combined, except he was holding his hand over his head and doing it.  I was confused.  Then he pointed up at the ceiling, and did it again.  LIGHTS.  He was pointing at the lights and doing the sign.  We learned that in our signing class last week and he remembered, when I had forgotten.  I haven't done the sign since and I honestly didn't think he was paying that much attention in class.  Obviously, he was paying more attention than I.  So.  I am proud.  I am thrilled.  I am hopeful.  I am at peace, finally.  My sweet boy will be fine.  God is working through him to bless me and so many others.  I could not be more proud of him.  :) 


  1. You are more than welcome to drop him off here anytime y'all need to work! We'd be happy to have him!

    1. Thanks, Cassidy! One day we will take you up on that! ;) It always seems to be in the evening when we can get there and I am always afraid to mess up your evening schedules. :)

  2. I'm so excited to keep hearing about his adventure with communication!

  3. Reading this just reminded me of something! As a new Gram (Lyla is 16 mos. old) I am being introduced to all kinds of baby-toddler things I never knew existed!! :-) Lyla has a Baby Einstein video called Baby Wordsworth - First Words Around the House. Every word that is introduced and taught is shown on the screen and "signed", demonstrated with a picture and with real photos of real homes/places. But the signing part really intrigued me. I think Kristal found this DVD at a thrift store or one of those KidZone type sales. I just thought you might be interested, if you did not already know about these DVDs....Vivian (thimblevee is my gmail name)