The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sign Language fun. :)

Yesterday we had our second sign language class.  We learned a lot of signs that I think we will be able to use in our daily life.  We did signs for foods and animals.  Some of my favorites were noodles/pasta, cheese, and blueberries, so that is what we had for lunch!  :)  The animals were fun because most of Colt's toys or pajamas or whatever have some animal on them.  Colt has been doing the sign for "dog" for a while now and he's gotten so good at it, that he even does it when he hears a dog bark in the neighborhood.  ;)  Colt's Aunt Amie got a new kitten recently and Colt had a lot of fun playing with it on Sunday.  By playing with it, I really mean throwing it around.  When he woke up yesterday morning, he stood up and said "Mama!" then did the sign for baby, then dog.  I think he meant "cat" but didn't know the sign.  Now we know it!  :)  We have a cd that came with the signing class, and we have already learned the signs to about 5 different songs.  Two of which are "Old McDonald had a farm" and "On top of spaghetti."  You remember that one..."on top of spaghetti...all covered with cheese...I lost my poor meatball...when somebody sneezed."  Ha.  Colt loves the sign for sneeze.  One of the songs says "Are you feeling happy?  Are you feeling grumpy?" in it.  I sang it to him this morning as we got ready and he did the sign for "happy!"  I asked him if he was happy, to which he promptly did the sign for "grumpy."  So...I guess he was feeling a bit bipolar this morning.  I don't know that sign.  ;) 

Also this morning, I said to him "We need to change your shirt, it's wet!"  He looked at me as though I was totally wrong and said "BWOOOO!"  Yes, the shirt was blue.  :)  Now that he has found this new "word," he is obsessed with it!  Everytime he sees something blue, he says it.  We went to the grocery store yesterday and I have never in my life realized quite how many things in the grocery store were blue.  Colt was sure to point it out for me.  I have never been more proud of such a silly little word.  What I am even more proud of is the fact that he is always right!  We're working on green now, so maybe we can change it up a bit.  :) 

Another funny thing that happened yesterday...  As we were leaving the grocery store, walking through the parking lot, a car drove by with their radio up REALLY loud.  Colt didn't even miss a beat, he held his hands up in the air and started playing the "air drums."  That's my boy.  :) 

Colt's first trip to Ankars.  Despite his face, he is a fan.

He is also a fan of the black marker...

Also, his dog. ;)  It's hard to tell here, but they are "spooning" but he's propped up on a pillow.

I am a fan of this gorgeous sunset and the fog around Lookout Mountain.

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