The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Painting and Playtime.

It was another busy weekend for us.  We had a VERY impromptu painting party Friday night.  Thanks to my Dad and Judy for watching Colt all night, so we could get started in the new house.  We have some really wonderful friends, Jody, Lauren, Lindsey, and Ronnie, that helped us paint late into the night and then again early Saturday morning.  We got the master bedroom completely painted a light blue color.  It looks great.  We painted Colt's room a kind of bright grass green, but only half the walls.  We're going to do white beadboard around the bottom half so the green isn't so overwhelming.  It's very different for me, as I am not usually a bright color person.  Especially an entire room, but hey, new house, new start.  I've got paint picked out for our new (to us) furniture for the master bedroom and we're going to use what's left to paint the master bath.  We've still got a lot to do to make it our own.  Finding time to take care of two houses is exhausting and I can't wait until this is over.  I will miss our cute little house though.  Here are some painting pictures.
Lindsey is excited?  :)
Jody starting the green paint in Colt's room.  It dried darker.  It looks kind of pastel here but it isn't. 
Ryan and Lauren: Dueling Paintbrushes?

We also had a house showing on Saturday.  It was our first one and we ran around frantically trying to get it ready to show.  We got really good feedback from them, but they said it was too small for their family.  Oh well.  It will happen, I suppose.  While they showed the house, we had a lunch date at Chick-Fil-A and Colt ate like a little piggy. 
The weather this weekend was gorgeous and we got to spend some time outside.  Yesterday, Colt and I went to the playground near our house to play and have a picnic.  We had a great day together with only one little accident.  Colt decided when he got to the top of a slide that he didn't want to go down, so he turned around and slid down the ladder on his butt.  Well, he missed a rung but I was holding one of his hands so he didn't fall but he bumped his head on a rung.  He screamed and cried and I couldn't figure out why he was crying so hard because he didn't bump it that hard.  I held him while he cried and held his head with my hand.  When I pulled my hand away, there was blood running down my arm.  Ah.  That's what the tears were about.  A woman ran over to help me and once we got him calmed down and cleaned up, we could see that it was a tiny little place and he didn't need stitches.  His little head just bleeds a lot.  Whew.  After about ten minutes, he got up and ran off to play again.  Ha.  Such a little boy. :) 

Other than that, there isn't much happening in the world of the Doolittles.  We are still struggling to communicate and there are still no new words.  I don't really want to get into it on here, but there is a bit of controversy about what he is or isn't doing in speech therapy.  I am going to give it one more week before I get into it more, but at home, at his Mimi's, and at church, he still doesn't speak.  He is trying so desperately to talk to us, through sounds and lots of hand motions but no words.  I know in my heart that if he could talk, he would.  He gets so frustrated with us that I will never believe he does this on purpose.  I think he WILL talk eventually, but I know that he's not there yet.  So.  That's where we are there.  Again, we start sign language next Monday, so I'll blog about that next week.  :)

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