The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Friday, May 3, 2013

Prayer Request

Welcome Friday!  I am thankful for the weekend, but nervous about getting our yard sale going tomorrow.  It's supposed to rain all day but I have managed to borrow two EZ-Up tents (Thanks, Jody and Randy!) and Ryan has to work.  So I will be working my yard sale alone.  I only see disaster coming from this.  My sweet friend, Lindsey, who lives in the neighborhood will be coming by I know, so if I need help, I know she will.  That makes me feel a bit better.  Again, I have TONS of little boy clothes and I really want to get rid of them so if you need some or know someone, please send them my way.  Duckett Drive in Stanford Place.  ;)

I wanted to give a quick update/prayer request for my stepdad.  He had his third round of chemo last Thursday.  He is still doing the chemo treatments at the hospital in Atlanta, where he has to drive at least 45 minutes to get there.  Then, he's there for hours getting one round of chemo before he gets to go home with his chemo pump attached to him for 48 hours.  On Saturday, he drives that distance back to Atlanta to just be there a few minutes to have them remove it and send him home.  Days 5-7 after his chemo, he's been REALLY sick.  This week (Tuesday-Thursday of this week would have been days 5-7) he wasn't sick at all!  He's feeling good this week.  One of the nurse practitioners looked at Allen's blood work and said she didn't want to give them "false hope" but that his blood looked better.  He was supposed to have an MRI this past Monday, but it got rescheduled to this coming Monday.  Allen has worked over 30 years for Georgia Power and has a really great job that he loves, BUT he has had to use so many sick days that he's quickly running out of time.  I have two prayer requests for him.  First of all, I pray that the chemo is working and shrinking his cancer.  Honestly, I am praying for a miracle.  I know God still performs miracles every day and Allen really needs one.  I also pray that Georgia Power can come to some kind of agreement with him to let him do what he needs to do to get well without having to worry about his job.  That is not a kind of stress that he needs on top of his cancer.  So, if you'd join with me in lifting Allen up, I would really appreciate the help.  :) 

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