The House of Doo

The House of Doo

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weekly catch-up. :)

Well, again it has been a week since my last post!  It has been a busy week with Thanksgiving and all, so I'll try to sum it up quickly.

Our Thanksgiving day was spent in Rome with my mom's side of the family. I love those crazy people dearly and I look forward to Thanksgiving every year because of them.  I don't get to see them often, even though they only live an hour and a half or so away.  That's sad.  My fault, I must say.  We laughed a lot and the food was amazing, as usual.  I took a cheat day on my 24 Day Challenge, but didn't over-do it.  I am proud of myself.  I even held myself to ONE Oreo truffle.  If you have ever had one of those, you know how hard that is.  It was so worth it.  I was so happy to see them and to share my sweet boy with them.  He was sweet and funny, like always, but he had a lapse in cuteness right in the middle of dinner.  If you know him well, you know he pukes a lot.  I have no idea why, but at least twice a week, he throws up while he's eating.  He gets choked and gags VERY easily and it always ends in catching his puke in my hands.  It is NOT CUTE.  I forgot to ask his doctor about it at the two-year check-up, but honestly, I think he's just easily gagged.  Ha.  Apparently, I was a pukey child too, due to my allergies and excessive mucous.  Yummy, right?  :)  Not the traits I was hoping Colt would inherit.  Other than that little hiccup, Thanksgiving was great. :) 
Colt and his cousin, Zach.

I worked on Black Friday, but got off around 1:30.  I went to Academy, Dick's, and Target and it wasn't nearly the nightmare I imagined.  Granted, I didn't find any great deals, but I wasn't really in search of anything in particular so it was okay.  That night, Ryan and his best friend, Jody, went to my grandfather's property in Alabama to spend the night and get up early to deer hunt.  Colt and I had the house to ourselves.  We got wild and watched Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas.  ;)  Cute movie with a good message.  It's old school Mickey, not Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  The good Mickey.I loved our snuggle time and he slept all night for me, like a champ.
Our snuggle time.  We love each other.

Saturday, Lauren came to hang out since our husbands were together and we took Colt for his first haircut.  I had heard good things about a place called Pigtails & Crewcuts, so we decided to check it out.  We opened the door and Cars is playing on the tvs by the chairs.  Colt's absolute favorite movie.  A sign?  ;)  Anyway, they let him pick which chair he liked.  He chose the firetruck with a bell he could ring.  They put the cape on and he immediately pulled it off.  That was not happening.  So, he went without and after that, all was well.  He tried to see what the stylist was doing a couple of times, but otherwise, he was very content to watch Cars and ring the firetruck's bell.  They took pictures for us, emailed them to me while we were there, printed off a couple, saved Colt's hair, and printed off a "First Haircut" certificate for him.  It was an amazing experience, especially since I was prepared for eye doctor-like meltdowns. ;)  His hair isn't too short, but cut off his curls (tear!), and trimmed up around his ears and forehead.  He looks so handsome. 

His precious curls are gone!!

We even got a trip to Hobby Lobby out of him afterwards!  Lauren and I shouldn't go to Hobby Lobby together. It gets expensive.  We got to watch the Dawgs beat the snot out of Georgia Tech and that afternoon, Ryan, Colt, and I decorated the Christmas tree.  Colt was not impressed.  He watched the Mickey movie again to occupy him while we decorated.  I've got to admit, our tree looks good this year.  It's usually a little Charlie Brown-ish, but I am happy with it this time!  Maybe the Christmas spirit is helping me put more effort into our tree. ;)

Sunday was church day, then lunch at Cracker Barrel, then naps, church again, then visited with my Pawpaw.  :) 

Yesterday, Colt and I got up and went to the mall and did a little shopping.  He was really good and patient, so I took him to the little play area inside the mall and let him burn off some energy.  We had Subway in the food court, then went to Barnes and Noble.  I love the smell of that store.  If there was a bookstore scented candle, I think I'd buy it.  ;)  He took a good nap when we got home, so I guess I did my job of wearing him out.  Last night we went downtown to Sugar's Ribs and listened to a friend play an acoustic show.  Colt loved it!  It wasn't loud, just Chris and his guitar.  Colt fussed for his guitar some, so Chris let him pluck the strings a few times.  That made me a little nervous.  Even after that, we were home and Colt was in the bed by 8:45.  What a day!  It was a great day.  :)
Playing at the mall.

Tomorrow, we have speech therapy.  I am curious to see what she'll do with Colt then.

Colt is doing great with his signs.  He has mastered the ones we learned last week, and he's even begun to string them together.  "Please more bites!"  I bought a book at B&N called the Baby Signing Bible.  I want to learn more!  He learned those so quickly, I think we need to challenge him a bit more.  At Sugar's last night, Colt would point at Chris's guitar and immediately do the sign for "please."  It was so cute.  :)  He's doing great! 

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